Slideshows, skits, and shout-outs were prominent tonight as the near end of Momentum 2016 had everybody reflecting. The winners of the week’s Bible quizzing were rewarded with scholarships to Grace and Bethel College and Dave Guiles, director of Encompass World Partners shared letters that were written by missionaries currently serving in England and Japan. A common link between the letters were that none of the missionaries had imagined mission work for their lives; until God dropped it into their laps.

The evening’s speaker, Keith Minier of Grace Fellowship Church in Columbus, Ohio came out excited for the work being done to draw students nearer to God during Momentum. He drew out an outline of the sermons that had driven us to tonight’s I AM REAL. Seeing that Jesus is the only answer to our gap of sin and realizing His forgiveness, we work to become devoted and holy followers of Christ.

But what does it mean to live out this holy faith? Minier refers to 2 Corthinians 5:15-21, where it says ‘we are ambassadors’. Meaning that our personal reality connects people to the reality of God. But is our personal reality only holy on Sunday, or all the days of the week? Here lies the number one reason for nonbelievers rejecting church… the inconsistencies in word and behavior of those who profess to be Christians.

Minier points out the many Christians living duplicitous lifestyles; something that is unrighteous, unholy,DSC01519 and does not promote the Scriptures. He stressed the need for consistency in our lives. The fame of Jesus and the mission of God are at stake! He brought about three points in keeping this consistency in check: 1)Don’t become comfortable in your inconsistency, 2)Admit your failures to others, and 3)Practice restraint.

God’s glory and God’s mission matters MORE then our individual freedom. Minier repeated a quote several times, asking the students to write down or type into their phones. “I will choose to be the only one for the only one.”

The challenge to all Christians; to be true, and to be REAL!

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