These are 8½ x 11-inches, 2-up inserts, available in four-color and gray scale and may be reproduced on a photocopier or offset printer.

Based on stories that appeared in the GraceConnect eNews during 2014, they feature stories from Grace Brethren churches in North America.

It is suggested that one be used a month. Though they are listed seasonally, they are undated and may be used at any time of the year.

January 2014

A Movie...and a Changed Life

Larry Totzke remembers how Johnny wanted no part of God. Still, the young man came to church in the rented movie theater.

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February 2014

Addressing Injustices

Cory St. Esprit is an academic with an activist’s heart. Working on a Ph.D. in geography, he studies child slave injustices in Haiti. He is also the director of the STOPdoingWRONG Campaign, a program through CPR-3 that seeks to address the social injustices that plague the people of Haiti everyday.

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March 2014

Building Bonds

Phil and Sandy Johnson know that living in the shadow of some of the “happiest places on earth” is not all one would expect. People often come to the central Florida city with high expectations.

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April 2014

Gardening for Good

At the LaLoma Grace Brethren Church, Modesto, Calif. (Joel Richards, pastor), a community garden has resulted in friendship, fellowship, and food.

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May 2014

(G)Race Car

In a town where auto racing enjoys immense popularity, Community Grace Church, Fremont, Ohio (Kevin Pinkerton, pastor) has found a unique way to share God’s love — through sponsoring a race car.

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June 2014

Two-Wheeled Tune-up

Volunteers at Grace Church, Orange, Calif. (Mike Sciarra, pastor) use a simple method to connect with their community. Once a month they set up a bike repair in the parking lot of a Mexican market and offer simple bicycle repairs.

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July 2014


Ken and Judy White didn’t see a move to a retirement community as an opportunity to sit back and relax. Instead, they accepted the challenge to give church planting a try.

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August 2014

Being a Good Neighbor

For the past several years, the Ellet Grace Brethren Church, Akron, Ohio (Jonathon Carey, pastor) has set out to bless the elementary school next door. The Sunday before classes start, the church welcomes students, parents, and teachers for an back-to-school extravaganza.

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September 2014

Open Mic Night

A quarterly writers’ workshop at the Grace Brethren Church, Long Beach, Calif. (Lou Huesmann, pastor) morphed into a regular Open Mic night as a means of worshipful expression and outreach for the church.

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October 2014

All in for Jesus

It’s not everyday two children lead their parents to Christ, but in the case of the Fike family, that’s how God worked. Now the entire family is active at Grace Church, Wooster, Ohio (Bob Fetterhoff, pastor).

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November 2014

Persistent Love

The Grace Brethren Church in Osceola, Ind., is a small church with a big challenge: among the congregation are at least five families who are dealing with long-term care situations. It’s an opportunity to rally behind these families and love in ways that many people never experience.

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December 2014

Christmas Gift

Sam Mylin felt led to share his artistic gifts during the Christmas season at Grace Church at Willow Valley, Lancaster, Pa. (John Smith, pastor). More than 12 years ago, he began a series of paintings based on the “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” culminating in 2013. As he painting was unveiled, he also felt led to gift the painting to a member of the congregation.

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