Participants at the FGBC Focus Retreats  in 2013-2014 have been asked to write a one-page letter to their Timothy, or their spiritual son, their final words of what they value most and hope he has learned from their example.


Live in humility, as we deserve nothing but eternal damnation, but by the grace of God alone, we are clothed in righteousness. [Read Full Letter]
Nathan J. Dixon
Youth Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Sunnyside, Wash.

It’s not about you, it is all about Jesus. In fact your whole ministry, life, and faith are not about you, but really all about pleasing Jesus! [Read Full Letter]
Greg Howell
Pastor, Community Grace Brethren Church, Goldendale, Wash.

I remember that the richest man known in the old day create his wealth by asking God for wisdom to govern the kingdom that God gave to him. So my first advice look for wisdom over any other thing look for wisdom that you know is the fear to the Lord. Seek him in all your ways, and he will show you which path to take. [Read Full Letter]
José L. Márquez
Iglesia Comunal Cristiana, Tampa, Fla.

Keep your eyes on Him at all times, no matter what is happening around you. Listen well to God’s Spirit within you and to His Word which continues to take root in your heart. [Read Full Letter]
Viki Rife
Director of Communications, Women of Grace

Be faithful to that Word. Be careful to teach it as God recorded it and not how you would want it to be. Be careful to not project into it things that are not there, even when you wish they were. [Read Full Letter]
Chuck Hambling

You will be faced with hard times; spiritually, emotionally, and physically. There might be times where you don’t know if what you’re doing is actually worth it, or you may start to doubt in yourself. At times like this it is okay to take a step back and try to fix your relationship with yourself and with God. [Read Full Letter]
Mateo Forero

I urge you to be always diligent to learn for the Bible the principles you need to live. The bad ones are part of our sinful and selfish nature, but we can count on God’s grace and mercy that teach us to see the good size of those not so good experiences. So read, meditate, understand, and apply the Word constantly until the end of your lives. [Read Full Letter]
Armando C. Padovan
President, Viva Brasil Integration, Grace Community Church, Mississauga, Ontario

Se que muchas pruebas han de venir a tu vida y mas viviendo la edad de joven donde el mundo te quiere ofrecer muchas cosas y muchos caminos, pero se fuerte y perseverante de luchar y mantenerte en el camino que Dios nos da , en Cristo Jesus, sabemos de donde Dios nos ha sacado y sabemos lo que hemos dejado dia a dia atras [Read Full Letter]
John Maury
Iglesia Comunal Christiana, Tampa, Fla.

Recuerdo ese día cuando entregaste tu corazón y todas tus preocupaciones a Cristo, como te rendías a su voluntad, y reconociste que Él tenía un plan perfecto para tu vida y la vida de tu familia, a pesar de lo que estaba sucediendo y lo que había sucedido en tu vida en el pasado. [Read Full Letter]
Gerardo Leiton
Pastor, Iglesia Comunal Cristiana, Tampa, Fla.

While secure in your relationship and sonship with the Father, you must, as any child, continue to grow and progress. You must take in not only the milk but also the meat of His Word and then by reason of exercise in its use build strong muscles of faith by which you may complete whatever course of life in which God may lead you. [Read Full Letter]
Steve Shipley
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Fort Myers, Fla.

Things are changing more rapidly now and I want you to be ready. Ready to stand and be Counted as faithful to The Lord and His Word, even when it is highly unpopular and will cost you a good measure of what is precious. [Read Full Letter]
Brian Baughman
Pastor, Fuente de Vida Grace Bilingual Church, Elkhart, Ind.

There will be times that you will feel as if you are wearing a target that the Enemy is taking aim at. The ones who are your closest teammates can often be the ones who wound you the most. Keep your head up! [Read Full Letter]
Matt Wheelock
Associate Pastor, Grace Church, Sebring, Fla.

Guard your heart and your wife. Protect them because Satan will attack there first. Protect your love for the word of God and never allow the Word of God to be anything other than the your manual for life and practice which shows us a glimpse of God and what God wants from us. Don’t allow it to take a back seat to fads and trends. Remain true to teaching it and not man’s philosophy. [Read Full Letter]
Rich Schnieders
Pastor, Friendship Community Church, Fort Myers, Fla.

As I draw nearer to the time the Father calls me home I want to take this opportunity to transmit to you some things I want to make sure you never forget. You’ve seen my life – the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ve seen me at my bet and you’ve seen me when I wasn’t my best. Through it all, and over and above all the stuff I’ve taught you, preached to you and sought to model before you are three things that, when you think of me and the role I’ve played in your life, I want you to never forget. [Read Full Letter]
Steve Bailey
Latin America and Care Director, Encompass World Partners, Atlanta, Ga.

Commune with God. Spend time with your Father. Rejoice in your Creator. We don’t worship the god of a book, or the god of philosophy, but the God that created you and I for perfect relationship. [Read Full Letter]
Benjamin Russell
Director of Video Ministries, Grace Church, Sebring, Fla.

Many times it seems that those who make a profession don’t follow through as we would desire. But please never doubt that God can and does change the lives of those He invades. Even if it seems to you that your preaching and/or teaching has no apparent immediate or long term effect, please do not stop preaching the gospel. [Read Full Letter]
Dan Siegrist
Elder, Grace Brethren Church, Pinellas Park, Fla.

Keep up the faith with white-hot fervor as you lean into and completely onto the Spirit for sustaining and enabling consistency for the prize to which He waits to give you in eternity. [Read Full Letter]
Todd McQueen
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Ocala, Fla.

I have worked hard at teaching that the church is not a building but the very body of Christ as you well know. [Read Full Letter]
Randy Weekley
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Pinellas Park, Fla.

With the help of the Holy Spirit and His direction, you must follow every single one of His desires. He is going to take you in places you have never even thought about; He would introduce you with the right people that are open for spiritual conversations, please let the Holy Spirit use you in order to introduce them to Christ. [Read Full Letter]
Javier Forero
Pastor, Iglesia Comunal La Esperanza, Valrico, Fla.

As I think about all that you have endured throughout the early years of your life, I am so encouraged and in awe to think about your intense faithfulness despite your challenging circumstances. [Read Full Letter]
Paul Poyner
Senior Pastor, Gulfview Grace Brethren Church, Port Richey, Fla.

I cannot adequately put into words what God has done to shape my life and mold me closer toward the image of the Lord. [Read Full Letter]
Bud Olszewski
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Rittman, Ohio

Learn to confess sin promptly so you don’t develop a callous conscience. [Read Full Letter]
Janet Minnex
President, Women of Grace USA

This life is a vapor. Our world is a wasteland of want, but you’ve been given true drink and now you have an opportunity to lead others to that Stream because that Stream flows in you and He quenches your deepest thirst. [Read Full Letter]
Matt Higby
Community Grace Brethren Church, Long Beach, Calif.

As you move through life always remember that He is walking with you, and those around you are watching you and they are trying to answer the question, “does he really believe what he is saying.” [Read Full Letter]
Larry Clark

Make the time to seek The Lord for yourself and let him speak to you. Make yourself available to those that need you. Listen first and then speak. [Read Full Letter]
Mike Workman
Community Grace Brethren Church, Long Beach, Calif.

If you think you can do it on your own or that God needs you, you’re wrong. But He can do wonders with and through you. And if He does it, it will last longer. [Read Full Letter]
Greg Hummel
Body Life Pastor, Auburn Grace Community Church, Auburn, Calif.

My prayer for you is that in everything you do, say, and even think, that you are living in intimacy with your heavenly Father, the giver and sustainer of your life. [Read Full Letter]
Dale Workman
Senior Pastor, Community Grace Brethren Church, Long Beach, Calif.

You will be a faithful servant of Christ not because you mimic my words or imitate my ministry style, but because you live out the timeless values we share-values that come to us from the Word of God and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. [Read Full Letter]
William Glick
Grace Brethren Church, Soldotna, Alaska

Don’t be afraid! Fear is a tool of the enemy to keep you from trusting in God. He has promised to be with you always and never to leave or forsake you so that you can be confident His power and His presence rests on you. [Read Full Letter]
Phil Helfer
Pastor, Los Altos Grace Brethren Church, Long Beach, Calif.

The authority of Scripture must remain. O, there will be strong discussions among godly people over just how the Bible is inspired of God and how this should affect our interpretations, teaching and application. [Read Full Letter]
Don Shoemaker
Pastor Emeritus, Grace Community Church of Seal Beach, Calif.

Jesus has given you the ministry of reconciliation. He calls you His ambassador. [Read Full Letter]
Ed Trenner
mobilization coordinator, western region, Encompass World Partners, Atlanta, Ga

First of all pursue sound doctrine, Do not believe the lie that it doesn’t matter what you believe-eternally it does. [Read Full Letter]
Jeff Patton
Lead Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Norwalk, Calif.

Always striving to do good no matter the circumstances. [Read Full Letter]
Al Kidder
Peninsula Grace Brethren Church, Soldotna, Alaska

Always remember who the Lord is and have a healthy fear and reverence for him. [Read Full Letter]
Trent Eikenberry
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Taos, N. Mex.

There are 2 main, general values you must hold onto with all your might. Love God and love people. [Read Full Letter]
Glen Sykes
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, San Diego, Calif.

It reveals the truth that we pastors must take care that our character and conduct underscore the doctrine we preach and call people to believe and live by. [Read Full Letter]
Chuck Thornton
Staff Shepherd, Peninsula Grace Brethren Church, Soldotna, Alaska

Love your people whom God has given you to minister to. Even love those who have yet to receive Christ. [Read Full Letter]
Roy Polman
Pastor, Grace Fellowship, Cherry Valley, Calif.

It’s easy in today’s world to get blinded by those around you, and I know it’s not going to be getting any easier. Keep you eyes upon Jesus. [Read Full Letter]
Jason Dunn

I want you to remember the sacrifice of love and continual care of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. [Read Full Letter]
Phil Bryant
Pastor, Community of Hope, Surrey, British Columbia

Stay in The Word and let it stay in you… all you do, say and think! Your actions are louder than your words and to obey is better than sacrifice! [Read Full Letter]
christopher alan ball
pastor, Dimond Grace Fellowship, Anchorage, Alasak

Love and pursue God first and foremost. Allow him to guide you in everything that you do. [Read Full Letter]
KC Gobble
high school director, Los Altos Grace Brethren Church, Long Beach, Calif.

What has been given to you is so powerful that it can turn governments upside down, turn kings into paupers and back into kings again, and it can release a tidal wave of restoration on a broken world…so never hold it back. [Read Full Letter]
Neil Cole
executive director, Church Multiplication Associates, Long Beach, Calif.

Let your life reflect Jesus command to teach others the truth as you go into the world. Live your life by loving God and loving others. [Read Full Letter]
Tony Follett
Elder, Dimond Grace Fellowship, Anchorage, Alasak

Live Jesus! Let Him live through you as you pursue the growth and glory of His kingdom. Proclaim His name to all the “nations” wherever God places you. [Read Full Letter]
Tom Hocking
Pastor, Bellflower Brethren Church, Bellflower, Calif.

It is essential to constantly remember that your true identity is in Christ. In the eyes of God, you and I are His beloved child. This is who you are. [Read Full Letter]
Kevin Ong
Career Missionary in San Francisco

Grow in your love for the Living Word of God as you continue to learn how to listen to Him in the written Word of God. [Read Full Letter]
Chris Suitt
Pastor, New Hope Community Church, Canyon Lake, Calif.

Give God the glory for all that you do. Take the talents that God gives you and embrace them, use them for His glory, and use them to disciple others. [Read Full Letter]
Tim Park
Associate Pastor (Youth), Grace Brethren Church, Ripon, Calif.

God’s Word is the primary way by which God has revealed who He is and what He is like. So it is vitally important that you love the Word, study it, and ask that the Holy Spirit would write it on your heart. [Read Full Letter]
Brian Zuniga
Children & Family Pastor, Grace Church, Orange, Calif.

Never ever forget that you are saved by the grace and mercy of Christ. Apart from Him, you are nothing. [Read Full Letter]
Ted Offutt
Director of Staff Training, Encompass World Partners

I hope you will see that the inerrant Bible is always your standard and that you will be willing to conform your life to the authority of the Word. [Read Full Letter]
Ed Lewis
Executive Director, CE National

The most important thing in all of life is to fall in love Jesus over and over again. This foundation will cause your life to be strong and enduring. [Read Full Letter]
Ed Waken
Elder, Valley Life Grace Brethren Church, Peoria, Ariz.

Know Jesus in all the complexities of that relationship; as friend, brother, counselor, Savior, Redeemer and King (and more). [Read Full Letter]
Mike Jentes
Pastor, Los Altos Grace Brethren Church, Long Beach, Calif.

I want you to know that there are great temptations when you are young, gifted, and as capable as you are, to minister out of your ability in order to feel significant and successful. [Read Full Letter]
Jeff Gill
V.P. and dean of the seminary and School of Ministry Studies, Grace College, Winona Lake, Ind.

I think one of the most important lessons to learn is that your actions truly do speak louder than words, people are always going to be watching you, and many of them will have made a judgement of you before they even talk to you. So be sure to live what you believe. [Read Full Letter]
Darren Young

Never get over your salvation, always be falling in love again with Jesus, being so glad for His forgiveness, mercy, love, provision, protection, and being eager to talk about Him with anyone and everyone [Read Full Letter]
Dan Jackson
Associate Pastor, New Beginnings Grace Brethren Church, Myerstown, Pa.

The first thing I would want you to hear from me is that life has to be about, first and foremost, a personal relationship with Jesus. [Read Full Letter]
Timothy (TK) Kurtaneck
Director of Church Relations and Youth Leadership Training, CE National

Keep your relationship with the Lord fresh and vital. Stay connected with him. He is the vine. [Read Full Letter]
Steve Williams
Pastor, Grace Community Church, Seal Beach, Calif.

The Bible is simply Inspired, capital I. It’s the only human document to ever hold that distinction. Inspired simply tells us God was in control of the very thoughts, pens, and vocabulary of each author. [Read Full Letter]
Phil Sparling
Pastor, Grace Community Church, Auburn, Calif.

The Scriptures are our final authority and source of truth. If the Bible teaches it, you should try to do it. [Read Full Letter]
Terry Daniels
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, South Pasadena, Calif.

Remember, God has given us commandments to live by and principles to guide us. But much of life and ministry will fall into the “neutral” zone, where what you decide to do is neither right or wrong in itself. [Read Full Letter]
Don Shoemaker
Pastor Emeritus, Grace Community Church of Seal Beach, Calif.

Keep Jesus at the center of your life! No matter what happens walk with Jesus daily as your Lord, Savior, Master, and Friend. [Read Full Letter]
Matt Householder
Associate Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Ripon, Calif.

Loving God will mean that you make every effort to do what He wants and not what might seem best to you. It will mean that you will make sacrifices. [Read Full Letter]
Glen Shirk
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Ripon, Calif.

Make sure your life priorities are straight: Jesus first, then your wife, your kids, and your ministry. [Read Full Letter]
Mike Sciarra
Pastor, Grace Church, Orange, Calif.

Let the GOSPEL drive and consume you in every aspect of life: personal, home, and ‘public’ ministry [Read Full Letter]
Jordan Bakker
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Simi Valley, Calif.

Embrace God as your friend and companion. Learn to trust him even when it dose not make sense. [Read Full Letter]
Cecil O’Dell
Missionary, Encompass World Partners

The first thing I want to make sure you have caught from me is that you need to put the practice of Loving God and Loving Others into action. [Read Full Letter]
Michael Saldivar
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Pataskala, Ohio

Always love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Our Lord says that this is the first and greatest commandment. Never let your love for God become perfunctory. [Read Full Letter]
Ron Smals
Senior Pastor, Woodville Grace Brethren Church, Mansfield, Ohio

The first and primary passion is to love the Lord your God with all of your heart. Jesus Himself made this the first commandment and our love for our God is a flow of response to His great love for us. [Read Full Letter]
John Jones
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Marion, Ohio

Watch your thoughts because those seeds will take root in your mind and soul. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Your thinking is sacred. Whatever you do keep your thoughts pure and holy. [Read Full Letter]
Bob Combs
Good Lookin’ Pastor, Grace Church of Greater Akron, Norton Campus, Norton, Ohio

No matter what your culture, your friends, your time, and your influences say to you, always measure it by God’s timeless Truth. It will never disappoint you. [Read Full Letter]
Larry Weber
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Waynesboro, Pa.

I want to encourage you to continue pursuing Him and never let fear stand in the way of His power, love and self-discipline at work in you. Don’t let loose of all that God has placed in you in Christ, protect it always. [Read Full Letter]
Mark Saunders
Director of Pastoral Ministries, Association of Grace Brethren Ministers

Be the man God has called you to be not the man you think you should be or the man others think you should be. [Read Full Letter]
Rod Lingenfelter
Lead Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Altoona, Pa.

You are up for the task if you humble yourselves before our Lord Jesus Christ and passionately run after Him. He will be your rock, He will give you strength when you want to quit and He will finish the good work in you that He started. [Read Full Letter]
Daniel Pierce
Pastor/Church Planter, Greensboro Grace Brethren Church, Reidsville, N.C.

Remember to always find your joy, contentment, fulfillment, significance in Christ and what He has made you [your identity in Christ] and not in the things of this world! [Read Full Letter]
Shawn Kidder
Pastor, Grace Community Bible Church, Philadelphia, Pa.

As you place the old message through new grids, the truth must still shine and be evident. Sincerely pray for yourself and others. Be the minster God wants you to be. [Read Full Letter]
Norris Mason
Pastor, Valley Grace Brethren Church, Armagh, Pa.

Surround yourself with solid believers, reliable men and women, stay focused on your calling, strive to reach the potential that our God placed within you. [Read Full Letter]
Geno Bartoletti

Major on the majors. Don’t be afraid of repetition. [Read Full Letter]
R. Dallas Greene
Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church, Frederick, Md.

Treasure your family deeply. They are the heart of your testimony. Your children and grandchildren (if God so blesses) are an integral part of your legacy. [Read Full Letter]
Mike Brubaker
Pastor, Grace Community Church, Frederick, Md.

Any building must have a strong foundation if it is to stand the test of time. So it is with your life and ministry. Jesus told us that if we hear his words and act on them we are building on solid rock. [Read Full Letter]
Kim Robertson
Pastor, Ephrata Area Grace Brethren Church, Ephrata, Pa.

Live a life of love and walk in purity. Always allow the light of the Word of God to guard and guide your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. [Read Full Letter]
Wayne Ayer
Pastor, Vicksburg Grace Brethren Church, Hollidaysburg, Pa.

Foremost,it is the message of the Gospel that brings salvation to all who believe! This Gospel really is good news when see that Jesus came to this earth sent by the Father to rescue mankind from his selfish, sin cursed, enslaved life. [Read Full Letter]
Andrew Saunders
Associate Pastor to Families, Penn Valley Church Multi-Site Network HQ, Telford, Pa.

GUARD YOUR HEART! This world and the enemy of our souls will try to derail you in your walk with God. So flee youthful passions and pursue a righteousness that comes as you not only know God’s word but live it! [Read Full Letter]
John Smith
Senior Pastor, Grace Church at Willow Valley, Lancaster, Pa.

Pass these teaching of Jesus on to the next generation (faithful men), so they might pass them on as well. So, the testimony of Jesus will be propagated until His appearing. This won’t always be easy! [Read Full Letter]
Jack Brown
Pastor, North Shore Bible Church, Essex, Mass.

There’s little in life more rewarding than to see the light turn on in someone’s head, and the Scripture impact the way they think; and then in studying that Scripture, seeing it change in time the way they live! [Read Full Letter]
Rick Horner
Pastor, Conemaugh Grace Brethren Church, Conemaugh, Pa.

As I pass the torch of the ministry to you, there are several important ideas that you need to hold dear if you are to be a faithful soldier of The Lord Jesus Christ. [Read Full Letter]
Carl Baker
Pastor, Rosemont Grace Brethren Church, Martinsburg, W.Va.

Recognize our vulnerability to the temptations of the flesh, and put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provisions for the flesh. Let your eyes look straight ahead, turning not to the right or to the left. Keep your feet from evil. [Read Full Letter]
Darrel Taylor
Pastor, Blue Ridge Grace Brethren Church, Winchester, Va.

Trust God! Know He has a plan for you to further His gospel that is unique; one that no one else can fulfill for you. [Read Full Letter]
Dario Agnolutto
Associate Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of Calvert County, Owings, Md.

Be strong in the Lord. Be fearless for His glory. Be humble in all things. Be compassionate to the broken. [Read Full Letter]
Brad Gromis
Associate Pastor, Grace Family Church, New Holland, Pa.

I am so thankful for you and proud of how you have chosen by God’s grace to be more than a follower of Christ Jesus in name only. It blesses my heart to see you grow in His grace and knowledge and be a committed leader for our Lord in service to His church [Read Full Letter]
Dan White
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, York, Pa.

I am a young man who by human standards should not be here today but by the GRACE of GOD I was spared my life from suicide and given the chance to rise above adversities in my life to be able to be a strong leader to children and youth of today. [Read Full Letter]
Timothy Guyer
Associate Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Duncansville, Pa.

Keep your priorities in line with God’s Word by remembering you are first a person, then a partner, a parent and finally a pastor. [Read Full Letter]
Christian Becker

Most importantly, trust God! Believe what God has revealed in the Bible. Be courageous, and don’t be discouraged. [Read Full Letter]
Dan Thornton
Executive Pastor, Maranatha Brethren Church, Hagerstown, Md.

Above all, value your relationship with Jesus. This is by far the most important aspect of ministry. [Read Full Letter]
Bill Hall
Pastor, Living Hope Grace Brethren Church, Saxton, Pa.

Always remember your King, Jesus. He loves you so much that He left the comforts of heaven to come here as a baby, to grow up amidst sin and pain, and to be rejected and die for you. [Read Full Letter]
Mark Ritzman
Pastor, Crossroads Grace Brethren Church – Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa.

Keep your love for Jesus Christ “white hot” in your heart. Don’t let people conform you to their image or creed or speculation. [Read Full Letter]
Dave Kennedy
Lead Pastor, Community of Grace Church, Richmond, Va.

There will be times when you are enticed to come out from under the weight of your responsibilities. Remember God often does His finest work of maturing our faith in this difficult time. So be strong in His grace, drawing on His power and you will be faithful. [Read Full Letter]
Larry Orme
Multi-Site Network Executive Pastor/Campus Pastor, Telford-Penny Valley Church Network, Telford, Pa.

Be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Understand He is vital. Surrender yourself to His control in your life and ministry. Allow Him to lead you in everything. (Eph 5:18). [Read Full Letter]
Irv Clark
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Clinton, Md.

The world is and will increasingly be in need of salvation. So preach the Gospel, preach the Gospel, preach the Gospel. [Read Full Letter]
Keith Shearer
Senior Pastor, New Beginnings Grace Brethren Church, Myerstown, Pa.

Do not be swayed by the teachings of the popularspeakers of the present or future age if they divert from the Truth we both understand to be what God has declared in His infallible Word. [Read Full Letter]
Jake Snyder
Grace Brethren Church, Martinsburg, Pa.

Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ without fear. Do not grow weary or tired of the gospel. [Read Full Letter]
Mark E Lingenfelter
Senior Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Duncansville, Pa.

Remember that this hope and joy that you have received is not a free gift meant to be selfishly held onto, but to share, to make disciples of all nations, to baptize and teach everything Jesus said. [Read Full Letter]
Matt Simms
Student Ministry Pastor, Kish Valley Grace Brethren Church, Reedsville, Pa.

Learn your theology well, so it will serve you in those days when life does not make sense. Let your doctrine hammer out your convictions so when the hard days of ministry come, you will not be shaped by experience, but your actions will demonstrate what you believe. [Read Full Letter]
Larry Edwards
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church of West Kittaning, Kittaning, Pa.

Know Jesus. Not just from the Words of Scripture but because you have a relationship with Him. Just as in any relationship, you must spend time with Him. [Read Full Letter]
Heidi Christner
Director of Children’s Ministries, Grace Brethren Church of Lititz, Pa.

Know, love and share the Word of God…form convictions of your belief and practice that live out your understanding of Who Jesus/God is and how He interacts with man. Learn, study, and practice effective styles and techniques of communication, all the while holding to the truth of the Word. [Read Full Letter]
Paul Mutchler
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Lanham, Md.

Above all else value Jesus and your relationship with Him. Our culture consumes our time with a million forms of entertainment. Be purposeful in spending time with Jesus. [Read Full Letter]
Ben Long
Associate Pastor, Liberty Grace Brethren Church, Johnstown, Pa.

I pray that you will live out the gift that was entrusted to you by our Lord Jesus Christ. [Read Full Letter]
Kurt Miller
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Metro Grace, Philadelphia, Pa.

Keep watch over yourself first of all, because your life will either authenticate or do damage to your message and ministry. [Read Full Letter]
Doug Sabin
Senior Pastor, Kish Valley Grace Brethren Church, Reedsville, Pa.

Remain strong to the study, teaching and implementation of the Bible. The scriptures are the measuring stick that rightfully decides truth. [Read Full Letter]
Brian McCall
Pastor of Family Ministries, Grace Brethren Church, Martinsburg, Pa.

Be bold in your story. Tell others without apology what God is doing in you. Let them see your struggles as well as your victories so they can learn through your life’s journey. [Read Full Letter]
Dan Travis
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Palmyra, Pa.

Of all the good and bad that is in this short life, I pray that you allow God to draw you closer to Him through it and that you will set your goal to help as many people find Jesus and the freedom he gives by following Him. [Read Full Letter]
Larry Humberd
Senior Pastor, Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren Church, Bethlehem, Pa.

Be intentional on how you live your life so as to win as many as possible. I want to encourage you to stand firm in your faith. [Read Full Letter]
Eric Miller
Pastor of Youth, Grace Community Church, Frederick, Md.

I want only the greatest things for you and those things will only come from our father in heaven. [Read Full Letter]
Brian Colligan

First, stay faithful to the Word of God. Be a good student. Continue to learn what it means. Continue to learn how to apply it first to yourself, then to others. [Read Full Letter]
Douglas A. Courter
Associate Pastor of Church Ministries, Valley Grace Brethren Church, Hagerstown, Md.

You need to know that all things are from God, through God, to God and all the glory forever and ever belongs to him. (Romans 11:36). [Read Full Letter]
E.Scott Feather
Senior Director of Operations, CPR-3, Coatesville, Pa.

The crucial reality that must always remain before you is that we must never stop seeking to know the heart of our Father. [Read Full Letter]
Micah Heckert
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, York, Pa.

Every day you must like a swimmer with one hand reach for the goal, the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus and with the other hand release behind you the failures and successes of yesterday. [Read Full Letter]
Drew Walther
Pastor, Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church, Johnston, Pa.

Of late you’ve talked about a life of gospel ministry for yourself. While this thought gives your Mom and me great joy, it also brings me to a place of grave concerns and trembling thoughts, so I want, first of all, to beg you… [Read Full Letter]
Ivanildo C. Trindade
Lead Pastor, Grace Church, Lititz, Pa.

Please maintain the integrity of the gospel and the written word. Do you due diligence to be in the presence of Jesus every day. [Read Full Letter]
Dan O’Deens
Executive Director, CPR-3, Coatsville, Pa.

My greatest desire for you is that you will embrace him for yourself and cling to him constantly, consistently, and unendingly. [Read Full Letter]
Jay McKinley
Associate Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Owings, Md.

Our confidence must not be in our heritage, our education, our hard work, our abilities, our wisdom, our strategies, our church; it must be in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior for every aspect of our lives and ministries. [Read Full Letter]
Galen Wiley
Senior Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Lancaster, Pa.

Take time to learn the valuable lessons from our spiritual heritage – both the good and the bad, and so avoid repeating those mistakes in the future. [Read Full Letter]
Tim Hodge
Senior Pastor, Grace Family Church, New Holland, Pa.

Give yourself entirely to the gospel. It is not just a message that we pray to receive for salvation, it is the life God gave to you when you gave up yours to him. [Read Full Letter]
Bartley Sawatsky
Teaching Pastor, Grace Community Church, Mississauga, Ontario

The world needs you. God needs you. Do not underscore the profound witness you bring. [Read Full Letter]
Timothy D. Sprankle
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Leesburg, Ind.

Never allow the stresses of life, the joys of blessing, or the responsibilities with people take priority in your life above Christ. [Read Full Letter]
Jeff Martell
Pastor of Biblical Community, Grace Church of Greater Akron, Norton Campus, Norton, Ohio

My strong encouragement to you is to keep the main thing the main thing. Never get distracted from it. Do not waiver. Remain steadfast. [Read Full Letter]
David Lawson
Administrative Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Wooster, Ohio

If you are living out freedom and Identity in Christ, you will be noticed and you will be different. Let this be a foundation for sharing this truth with others, relying on the power of Christ and your identity in Him, knowing that He is the one that will make the seed grow, and that it is simply your role to plant it. [Read Full Letter]
Nick Deck
Junior High and College Coordinator, Grace Brethren Church, Winona Lake, Ind.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the worth everything. It is not only the message we proclaim, it is also the means by which God transforms us. [Read Full Letter]
Tony Livigni
Lead Pastor, Grace Church of Greater Akron, Medina Campus, Medina, Ohio

Guard your heart to be always thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done for you. [Read Full Letter]
Rod Peebles
Student, Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind.

No one is irreplaceable in God’s program and I see he is raising up men like you to take my place. This gives me great joy and I trust he will make you fruitful. [Read Full Letter]
Zachary Hess
Pastor of Young Adults, Grace Polaris Church, Worthington, Ohio

I want you to be dangerous. I don’t mean dangerous as in causing physical harm but dangerous in your faith. I want you to have a dangerous passion for Jesus Christ. [Read Full Letter]
Jim Spelman
Associate Pastor/Shepherd, Marion Grace Brethren, Marion, Ohio

Through my years of following the Lord, serving the Church and struggling with my own heart, there are a few main themes that God continues to lead me by. [Read Full Letter]
Ezra Wimberly
Pastor of Creative Arts, Grace Church, Bath Campus, Akron, Ohio

I am elated to know that you have chosen to submit your desires and your very life to Him. I want to share with you in this letter a few “parting shots.” [Read Full Letter]
Dave Pacheco
Youth Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Dayton, Ohio

God in his wisdom assigns us decades that become years that become months, months that weeks and days and hours. In that context we each must discover that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Read Full Letter]
Bob Foote
Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church, Huber Heights, Ohio

Your passionate pursuit of what God desires for your life has brought everlasting change and vitality to my own personal walk with Christ. I know that without your influence and desire to learn from me, I would be a different. [Read Full Letter]
Adam Speas
Pastor of Mobilization, Grace Church, Bath Campus, Akron, Ohio

The first truth is that we are called to a live-out a spiritual worldview. Two words define this worldview: Spiritual and supernatural. [Read Full Letter]
Jay Bell
Pastoral Staff, Grace Brethren Church, Winona Lake, Ind.

My friend, it begins in the gospel, it’s sustained in the gospel and it all ends in the rejoicing in the culmination of the gospel. [Read Full Letter]
Danny Wright
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Greenville, Ohio

Please never stop learning, seeking, and studying to show yourself approved. You are on a lifelong journey of pursuing God. You must stay rooted and established in God’s Word. [Read Full Letter]
Bruce Barlow
Lead Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Winona Lake, Ind.

remember that Jesus Christ is our only hope for reconciliation with God. Many counterfeits will seek to distract you from that truth, as Satan seeks to discredit the God of the universe and set up his own rule in this world. [Read Full Letter]
Dustin Speaks
Grace Polaris Church, Worthington, Ohio

The Bible is God’s word and absolute authority for life. It leads you to Jesus. Know it. Own it. [Read Full Letter]
Jonathan Wiley
Community and Connection Pastor, Grace Polaris Church, Worthington, Ohio

When we think of the Church, we must never forget that the Church is the body of Christ, and that we are simply its members. [Read Full Letter]
Tom Julien
Equipping Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Winona Lake, Ind.

Your passion for Jesus and his gospel has reminded me to always keep first things first. Thank you for serving me in this way. [Read Full Letter]
Timothy Clothier
Pastor of Student Ministries/Worship, Community Grace Brethren Church, Warsaw, Ind.

I plead with you to practice the things that you have seen God do in and through me, as well as through other faithful men in your life. [Read Full Letter]
Tim Waggoner
Pastoral Care, Grace Polaris Church, Worthington, Ohio

I hope you know how much I love you. You have done well, very well. [Read Full Letter]
Gary Webb
Adult Ministries Pastor, Grace Polaris Church, Worthington, Ohio

Love the bible. Pursue it, cherish it, learn it, read it, enjoy it, and let it be the foundation of life. Make your decisions through it. [Read Full Letter]
Joe Caruso
Pastor of Mobilization, Grace Church, Bath Campus, Akron, Ohio

As sweet as our friendship and relationship has been I cannot wait to see Jesus face to face. I want you to long for that day as well. [Read Full Letter]
Tim Wright
Student Ministries Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Winona Lake, Ind.

You are not alone as you pour your life into your flock. Share your pains and your joys with others of like mind who are leading flocks around you. [Read Full Letter]
Dustin Godshall
Pastor of Family Ministries, Grace Church, Powell, Ohio

My son, proclaim the good news of salvation in Christ to those who don’t know Him. [Read Full Letter]
Beau Stanley
Training and Spiritual Formation Pastor, Grace Polaris Church, Worthington, Ohio

The central part of your life and ministry is your relationship w/ Jesus Christ. Never stop pursuing and growing in your relationship with Jesus. [Read Full Letter]
Nathan Bryant
Executive Pastor, Grace Community Church, Mississauga, Ontario

First let me say how proud of you I am. I would be proud of you just because God put you under my care, but you show such love and joy in your life that it is an honor to walk with you and help guide you. [Read Full Letter]
Josh Nelson
Associate Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Huber Heights, Ohio

Lord, I pray for my son in the faith, that he might know your way. I pray that he might know and follow your truth. [Read Full Letter]
Jonathan Carey
Pastor, Grace Brethren Church, Akron, Ohio

Lord, I pray that his life would reflect a passion for the best things. Help him not to become distracted by good things that drain him of the ability to do what you have called him to. [Read Full Letter]
Ryan Rodeman
Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Grace Church, Bath Campus, Akron, Ohio

I realize you will be serving Christ in a world far different than the one where I was trained… [Read Full Letter]
Kip Cone
Proclamation Pastor, Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church

You are one of my greatest joys as I watch you intentionally shaping your thoughts and behavior to what our Lord wants for you. [Read Full Letter]
Bernie Simmons
Pastoral Staff, Grace Polaris, Columbus, Ohio